Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Paint is Gone!

I painted anything I could over the weekend.  Using up what spray paint I had left.  The numbers above became...

Much better!!

I also spray painted a couple of pots.....

That there is my little friend "Charlie".  He's a miniature horse and is just like a toddler, always trying to get into things when I'm out in the yard doing my projects.  He's very sweet though, so I put up with it.  I'm a sucker for sweet:)  The other guy in the picture above is my hubby and the same goes for him.

Here's a mirror I painted white...

And those plates that I told you about a couple of posts ago.

My youngest, Abbey and I even found time for this...

And finally I took a stroll around the yard to see if any thing was in bloom.  Then I picked what I could and brought them indoors.

Home Sweet Home.

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