Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lesson in Lamps

It all started innocently enough, after dropping my daughter off at school my car seemed to be on autopilot, heading toward Marshall's.  In the parking lot I began to tell myself  I was "just going to look" yeah I know, I know, I should have known better. 

I was able to resist the pretty bowls and plates, the down duvet that I'd been wanting, and then like two beacons in the night I was drawn to two beautiful lamps.  My internal dialogue went something like this:  These are perfect!  Do I need lamps? Yes.  Are they a good deal? Yes.  Before I knew it they were in my cart and I was out the door.  After carefully situating those beauties behind the driver's and passengers seats I began the drive home.

It was only then that I heard the third and most important question?  Is there room in the budget? No.  I tried hard to shut out that annoying voice.  I went home and played house.  I put up my lamps.  LOVE!   I rearranged them.  They looked good anywhere, in my bedroom or in the living room.

But that voice.  It was now reminding me of how hard we've worked to get out of debt (I'll tell you more about that journey later) It kept telling me that there would be other lamps.  That I needed to wait.  I wasn't feeling so good about the lamps anymore.  That voice was a fun sucker.  The lamps had to go back.  In my quest to move forward and have a pretty home I got ahead of myself and became lost.  After my hubby came home I shared with him the Lamp lesson and asked him to go with me to return them.  I knew with him by my side I wouldn't get lost again, we'd just go in there and return them, there'd be no "looking".  So my moving forward for the day was a lesson in my weakness for beautiful things but also in regaining my strength and ability to wait.  That's progress for you!   What about you?  Have you had a messy complicated moving forward moment?

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