Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sometimes we can get started on a project only to find that we're interrupted time and time again.

We can choose to respond by becoming frustrated, angry and irritated with those little interruptions. (which by the way is the easiest, quickest response)

But then our discontent will fill the air and affect those around.

Or we can forget about ourselves for a while, put aside what we're working on, help those that need us and feel good about that opportunity.

See- the project at hand may not be what really needs working on at the moment. We have to remember who is in charge and keep that in perspective.

You've probably guessed by now that I didn't get much of my projects done this weekend. And you're right.

You see there was this Masquarade Ball, and all the princesses were invited. (Not me- I needed to assist the princesses as they got ready, then I had to welcome them home and as you know princess can get very hungry after a night of dancing so they had to be fed before they went to bed and then again as soon as they awoke.

But there are only so many Masquarade Balls in one's lifetime.....So my projects can wait for now.

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