Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lacing Up

Well it's official, I've been putting on these.

And hopping on these.....

And lifting these little guys.

All in the name of staying fit and being physically healthy. 

I've been averaging about 30 minutes per day.  Not much I know.  At first I started with just 15 (really just to trick myself into doing it) I found I wanted to do a little more so I've been sticking with 30.  I'm trying to do what fits me best.  In the past when I worked out an hour a day I lost a ton of weight.  But in order to keep it off I had to work out at least an hour a day.  No fun.  The minute I stopped my hour long daily workouts the weight started creeping back up. 

Presently I consider myself to be at a healthy weight.  No I'm not going to be giving out any numbers.  So don't ask.  Enough said.

Anyhow I'd like to maintain this weight and am hoping 30 minutes a day will do it.  Oh sure I like the way I look when I'm 10 pounds thinner.  But I don't like how I feel...  I find that I am too focused on my appearance and afraid to gain the weight back.  All vanity.  Not mentally healthy.  Focusing on that would be taking a step backward in life.  So I think moving forward in this area for me means to maintain a fitness regimen aimed at staying healthy and keeping a healthy weight.  It's that simple and so freeing....


  1. I am motivated to start walking and riding my bike more because of you post. Thanks for the great Blog.

  2. I am so on the same page....I am doing 2 heavy training sessions a week and trying to run 2 other days. I found a site call fitbloggers.ning which is quite fun in terms of motivating each other and being accountable. :-)

    I am not overweight but after 3 kids I can definitely firm up my waistline!!!