Monday, February 21, 2011


Eyes.  My eyes have been tired over the past couple of days.  Most likely from a bit of overuse, the reading. blogging and sewing have taken it's toll.  I'll even be starting a new project soon and tell you all about it later.  Anyhow, my eyes being so tired got me thinking. (I know I'm funny that way- it doesn't take much to get these old wheels a turning.)

Our eyes our so important.  They help us see even the tiniest of things.  We use them to take in our world.

My husband has the most beautiful eyes.  He really does.  They're striking and are framed with long beautiful lashes.  Most people recognize him because of his eyes.  They're unforgettable.  (No ladies you can't have his cell number.  Don't ask, just forget about it.  He's taken.)

Anyhow, his eyes were one of the first things I fell in love with.  Funny thing is he's told me on more than one occasion how as a kid he was teased and made fun of because of his eyes.  It wasn't until he was an adult that he realized his eyes had become magnetic, something that made women fall out of their seats.  And eventually became the very thing that drew me in.

See- sometimes we fail to see the big picture.  When we're in the midst of our suffering we don't understand it.  We don't know what lies up ahead.  We don't know how the thing that we think is so bad is truly a blessing.

Love, warm wishes and
always keep moving forward,



  1. Yah, the eyes finally worked for me...Love your writing, your inspire me and keep me wondering why God blessed me so to be with you.

  2. I know this isn't the exact point of your post, but now I'm dying to see a picture of your husbands eyes!

  3. I bet you are, and nope I'm not sharing. But I'll take your asking as a compliment. :)