Saturday, February 5, 2011

1st Half is a Winner!

So far the first half of this weekend has been productive and peaceful, at home, my favorite place.  What we (my Hubby and I) accomplished was:
  1.  Hung up three pretty plates in the kitchen: Cost $0 since I already had the plates and the hardware.  
  2.  Took down the numbers from our house, painted them OIL RUBBED BRONZE, and rehung them in a new location directly above the door.  Cost $0.  I already had the paint.  Beautiful.
  3.  Painted an old framed picture (black) still waiting for it to dry.  Cost $0- old paint.  Already Love it!
All three projects look fabulous and best of all they were FREE!
Now I know you want some pics, but since I'm still new to this blogging thing, you'll have to wait till I learn how to do that, which will be soon, I hope.

So that's it for today we'll see what tomorrow will bring.


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