Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dancing Feet

I like to dance.  But sometimes I don't feel like dancing.

With the dog barking, children squabbling, dishes to wash, bills to pay and budgets to balance I sometimes get lost in the noise and busyness of life.  I find myself caught up in things, with no room to breathe, let alone dance.

When this happens I close my eyes.  I do my best to quiet my mind and still my soul.   I go to a place where the dancing never stops.  I go to a place where I can breathe.  I go home.

And after a while I can start to hear the music playing.

With a smile on my face I'm dancing and twirling like never before.  I'm so light on my feet I haven't a care in the world.

My dance partner leads me.  He knows all the steps.  With strong hands he pulls me close and guides me.

Sometimes the music plays slow and the steps are easy and familiar.  I follow right along.

Other times the tempo is fast, the steps become more complicated and I do my best to just keep up.

The music plays on.

When I grow weak, my tireless partner lifts me up and He carries me.  And we continue to dance.

Every once in a while I fumble and misstep, and occasionally even step on His toes.
But He doesn't seem to mind.  It's then I'm thankful that He's such a forgiving dance partner.

I open my eyes and I realize I've been dancing all along.

Listen for the music and enjoy the dance,



  1. Lovely post, Elizabeth -
    Do you know the words of the song 'Lord of the Dance'?

    When I was little, my dad used to tell me to stand on his shoes and then he would dance - and of course, my feet, on his shoes, would follow perfectly.
    That speaks to me so much of how it is with our divine Dance Partner.

  2. Wow...stunning! How would we ever survive without Him? I have never seen Him as a Dance Partner...but I see it now.

  3. Such a beautiful post Elizabeth!
    Thanks for you visit, I'm enjoying your blog :)

  4. what a beautiful post! i'm popping over from another blog where i saw your comment...i'm excited to look around some more :)