Monday, January 31, 2011

Moving Forward

Moving forward feels great.  As long as we're headed toward our goals and can see the progress we're making all is right with the world.  But the moment we feel stuck, we become uneasy. Humans by nature have a need to move forward.  I've made it a point to move forward in some way each day.  I'm learning to be more conscious of the movement, regardless of how small.  Just knowing that today I'm a little further ahead than I was yesterday can make me smile.  It puts energy in my step and my heart begins to sing.  That is what this Blog is about.  It's about the journey we are all making.  Moving forward toward something good. 

I'm hoping to write about all the little forward moving steps I make including any leaps I may take.  Anything from exploring my creative side, decorating on a tight budget, the thrill of a deal, saving money, new uses for old things, raising three girls and making a marriage great.  I'm just getting started here so I'm sure that I'll be really moving forward soon and sharing it with you all- Oh and by the way- I moved forward today by starting this blog along with a few other things that I'll share later.  How have you moved forward lately?