Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Bench restored then distressed.  

This is a bench that I've had for about 12 years.  It was looking forlorn and forgotten.  It had it's share of weather, and had been sitting in the sun and rain which caused the wood to become rough and begin to splinter in places that did not welcome anyone to come and sit.  Lately I'd been passing it by and saying to myself, "Restore it or get rid of it."

So I gave it some of my time and a little leftover black paint that I had sitting around.  I sanded it down, painted it and then distressed it by sanding down the edges and places where people would sit, just to give it that well worn aged look.

I'm pleased with how it came out and am so glad that I decided to restore it.  But even after I'd finished this project the phrase that I kept repeating to myself took hold of me.  "Restore it or get rid of it."  Hmmm.... I guess I could use a bit of restoring myself. 

So in talking to the One who makes all things new I shared with Him about How I've seen my share of weather, How I'm getting all rough and splintery in places and I asked Him if He would Please Please spend some time restoring me.

And He said Yes. 

Could you use a bit of restoration?

With loving thoughts,


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  1. Yes. :-) I need a good overhaul right about now.

    Your bench looks great!