Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stormy Weather

Sometimes life can knock us around a bit.

Like a ship lost in a stormy sea, one wave after another crashes down upon us. We can do our best to steer our ship away from the rocks and try to get to safety, but ultimately it's the One that controls the sea that can set us upon calm waters.

One thing for sure is that every storm has an end.

It may not seem like it when your in the midst of it. At times it may seem inconceivable that you'll even survive.  Some storms are worse than others.

But we can learn from each of them.  We can become better sailors.  We can prepare for the storm.  We can "batten down the hatches" and once we've done all that we can, we just have to let go and sail.

That's the hardest part, the letting go.  The risk involved.  The trust needed to get through.

But what good is a ship if it is stuck on dry land?  We'll never get anywhere if don't set sail.

So let's get into our ships and move forward.  I believe the forecast is calling for sunny weather.

With loving thoughts,


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