Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On Goals and Dreams


I've been thinking a lot lately about the difference between goals and dreams.  I know, I know- who thinks about that stuff??  Well apparently I do! Anyhow the two are similar in many ways yet for me they feel vastly different.  Worlds apart.

Goals are more definable, more concrete.  There are steps you can take, a certain path to follow, a formula so to speak, and if you do your part you can be pretty certain you'll arrive at your desired destination.

Dreams on the other hand are more illusive.  They have a mysterious quality to them.  Sure you can do your best to try to make them happen, follow certain steps, similar to what your do with goals, however there is no guarantee you'll reach your dream.

There seems to be a lot more praying and waiting involved in following dreams.  There's also more spiritual angst that goes along with it.  I believe that's because much of whether our dreams come true depend not on us, but on God.  Of course we have to do our part, but we also have to leave the largest part of it up to Him.

For me that's the hard part.  The believing.  The trusting.  The giving up control.

See I have no problem achieving a goal.  If it's doable, if I can come up with a plan to reach it, chances are I'll do it.

However I have a hard time with dreams.

See- with dreams we put our whole hearts into them and that can be scary.

It's risky to dream.

There's the potential for crushing disappointment, the shame in perceived failure, the humility in admitting our own weakness, the difficulty of facing our smallness.

Ultimately it's God's decision as to whether any of our dreams will come true and we need to embrace that.  We can do our best, we can take the risk, but it's really not up to us.

So while we dream, while we pray, work and wait, It's good to know He has our best interest at heart.

That's what keeps me dreaming.

What about you?

With loving thoughts,



  1. Great post. I agree with you goals are easy to set and with a bit of work you will reach it. Last weekend we had a sermon...the question asked is: "What is the richest places in the world." The answer was the is a place where dreams not attained are burried. We have our dreams and then the Lord have His dreams for us...and we all have the potential to attain the dream He has for us, if we will only be obedient.


  2. I agree, nice post,we all dream and want a better life, but it's up the one above us to decide what we need.